Giveaway: win a year-long subscription to GPSmyCity!

Giveaway: win a year-long subscription to GPSmyCity!

Do you love exploring new cities by foot? Then this competition is right up your street! I’m giving away 10 year-long subscriptions to GPSmyCity, an app which turns your phone into a personal travel guide. Curious? Keep on reading!


GPSmyCity is an app, both available on iOS and Android, which offers tons of guided walks and GPS-powered articles. You can use the app in more than 1000 cities; from world famous cities such as New York and London to smaller cities such as Puno and Siena.  

How does it work? The app transforms your phone into a personal tour guide. It takes you on city walks and gives you tons of detailed and useful information. It takes you to the best markets and restaurants, the most beautiful attractions and the most entertaining nightlife venues. You will basically be exploring the city as if you were a local! And the best part is, you can download the maps on your phone so you don’t have to use any data! 

Interested? Keep on reading how you can take part in this competition!

Will you be exploring London this year with your free year-long GPSmyCity subscription?

How to enter the competition

GPSmyCity is offering 10 annual subscriptions (worth $18.99) to readers of this blog, for free! This subscription gives you access to all articles and all walking tours for ALL cities. That sounds pretty cool, right?

So how can you take part? It’s very simple. Just leave a comment on this blog, telling me about your favourite holiday or travel destination ever. Let me know what you loved about the place and what you would recommend seeing or doing there!

You can take part in this competition until October 5th, 2018. Afterwards, I will randomly select 10 people who will then be the proud owners of an annual subscription to GPSmyCity!


15 Replies to “Giveaway: win a year-long subscription to GPSmyCity!”

  1. Favourite travel destination: Bolivia
    Authentic South America, very diverse and beautifull landscapes
    I would recommend: La Paz, Sucre , Salar de Uyuni, Isla del Sol,….

  2. My favourite destination without a doubt is Havana, Cuba. The city was so vibrant and colourful and the people were so friendly. The country has such a rich history, and it has this feel of authenticity that I’ve never experienced elsewhere.

  3. I have lived for a while and that means that older experiences tend to fade away a little bit. But a very strong memory with me is San Diego in California. It is called Americas finest city and that really sums up everything.

  4. My favourite destination is Italy! I’ve just been to Sicily and Toscany, but love the nature and the italian lifestyle. I reccomend Taormina in Sicily with the beautiful mountains and lovely streets and the Cinque Terre in Tuscany. So beautiful!!!

  5. I would definitely say , go to Moab Utah, USA.
    There such a variety of landscapes (Arches, Canyonlands,Neeldles etc…).
    You can either explore these hiking or biking and have lots of fun 🙂

  6. My favorite destination is West Usa.
    San Francisco , Yosemite , Crater lake , Lassen park, Yellowstone , Bryce NP, Canyonlands , Las Vegas, Death Valley…..
    If i were to pick one than it woud be Bryce NP. Surreal , colorful , impressive….
    Best hike : Peek -a-boo loop

  7. My favorite destination is Malta because I feel like this is my second home! Lovely weather, nice resturants and always lovely people to hang with?? You and Simen!

  8. One of my best experiences the past few years was visiting Istanbul. It is such an amazing city with an interesting history, and I loved how you could see the more continental Europan culture blend with the occidental in everything from architecture to food. I would recommend visiting a hamam, ordering a turkish breakfast and taking a boat trip up the Bosphorus.

  9. Being together with the children in Cambodja when I did volunteering there. It’s not the place where you are but the people around you. Cambodja is the country of the smiling children. That was the hardest goodbye ever.

  10. Tanger was great! I loved the walk by the beach filled with palm trees in combination with the kind people.
    I would definitely recommend to go to the Caves of Hercules while there; not only will you see the the sea through the most beautiful, Africa-shaped whole in the cave, you´ll also be able to go to a point where you can look out on both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. And it´s all free!!!

  11. My favorite destination is Thailand. Such a lovely country, with great food and friendly people. I would really recommend going to Koh Phangan, which is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Great snorkeling and a beautiful island!

  12. My favorite destination is Thailand. Such a lovely country, with great food and friendly people. I would really re commend going to Koh Phangan, which is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Great snorkeling and a beautiful island!

  13. Borneo. I would recommend diving in Sipadan. Worth every extra effort to get there and see jaw dropping underwater world! If you have a better half that is not keen on diving simply make it up to them by going to to see incredible monkey sanctuaries

  14. One of my favourite places ever is definitely Ubud, Bali. Tegalalang rice terraces are just breathtaking, the market has amazing and handcrafted products and it’s spirituality and positivity are undeniable (and it is famous for its spoiled sacred monkeys too). Yoga, tea, infinity jungle pools and bamboo houses are my recommendations! And driving a scooter all around the coast (specially the south) as well. Don’t miss out a full moon party at the beach, like Padang Padang! Very nice work with the blog!! Jealous even of the less pleasing experiences, enjoy!!

  15. Thanks everyone for your great replies! I love all the comments and tips 😀 I’ll definitely take them into account for future travels! Now I’ll randomly pick 10 winners, I will keep you up to date! 🙂